Privately apprenticed with water colorist, Earl Gross 1969-1975
Studied etching and lithography with Dickerson, 1969-73
Journeyed as an artist in Europe, met up with Earl Gross and wife Addy, and painted in Majorca, Spain 1973-74
Worked with clay sculptress, Lila Stuart (”Wild Earth Studio”) in Santa Cruz, CA 1975-89
Attended various collages in Studio Fine Arts and Human Studies 1975-1996
Discovered Polaroid SX70 camera work in 1990
Developed an extensive body of work 1990-2010
Started sculpting again 2010 into the present
Have been represented by Es Possible, Dinnerware, Rocket, 801, The Outpost, of Conrad Wilde gallery, the Old Town Artisans, La Toscana Studios and Gallery and currently my own Desert Jonquil studio gallery, in Tucson, Arizona
Shows in collages, libraries, museum art fairs and winery’s and
works in numerous private collections all over the world!
call 520-318-9590 to make arrange a viewing.